05 June 2010

Getting it done!

Distance: 7.75 miles
Time: 1:02:43
Pace: 8:05

I started my day by going to the farmer's market. There is a fairly big one on campus every Saturday. So I bought some fresh stawberries and rasberries, some fresh homemade pasta and a bottle of local wine :)

Then I started to pack my clothes. Instead of starting to study for finals, I decided to go for my run first. The weather was (and still is) beautiful. Sunny, blue skies and 60* (suppose to be 73 later). I went to my usual river trail route. However, I forgot that today is the Rose Festival. So, I had to weave through a few hundred people along the river and then alter the route because .25 miles were blocked off. There were 3 US Navy ships docked and the river path was blocked off there. It was some part of the festival. In all it was a good run.

For now, its back to studying and laundry.

1 comment:

  1. great finds at the farmers market! good luck with the studying