14 July 2010

Back in the PNW

Distance: 8 miles
Time: 1:02:14
Pace: 7:47

Today's run went well but not quite as well as last nights. Lets go backwards a bit though.

St. Louis was amazing! I met the rest of my fiancee's family and had a blast. We had a birthday party both weekends I was there! We went to the Budweiser brewery one day, took a trip to Alton, IL to see the city she was born in and to Fairview Heights, IL to visit the first house she lived in. We even stopped by to chat with the neighbors who still live next door. And somewhere in there we spent 4 days at Bull Shoals Lake.

I was able to get all of my runs in. I rearranged the schedule a little bit so my longest run there was 12 miles instead of 16. Being from the PNW, I was not ready for the heat/humidity. Luckily, it was only in the low to upper 70's at six in the morning. So thats when I ran. Even so, my fastest run was an average pace of 8:50. Last night I ran 5 miles in 36:00 with the last 3 @ 7:04 pace. It felt really good to be running in the low 60's. Did I mention I didn't go out until 8pm, which felt like 10pm for me...and I woke up at 6am that day...in hind sight it was probably a bad idea.

Today I decided to wait until the afternoon to run. It was about 76* out when I left. It felt cooler though since there was a breeze and no humidity. Tomorrow's run is suppose to be another 8 miler but I may kick it up to 10.

Here's a few picks from the trip!
Free beer at the end of the tour of the Budweiser Brewery

The Arch

St. Louis from inside the Arch

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