16 March 2014

Week 10

Major cutback on mileage this week. Really, it just meant no long weekend. Had a solid session of mile repeats on Wednesday and a half marathon PR on Saturday. Race Report for that later today or tomorrow.

Monday- Rest Day
Tuesday- 10 miles (7:45)
Wednsday- am 10 miles including 5x1 mile w/ 400m recovery (6:07, 6:00, 5:56, 5:56, 5:50) (PowerBar Energy Blend before, Perform drink during, Recovery drink after)
Wednesday- pm 6.95 miles (7:58)
Thursday- Rest Day
Friday- 7 miles (8:35)
Saturday- 13.1 miles (6:18, St Paddy's Half) (PowerBar Energy Blend and Perform before, Recovery after)
Sunday- 8 miles (7:42)

Total: 55.05 miles (7:24)

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