26 December 2011

Week Two

Week two of heart rate training went well.

~Weekly Stats~
Runs: 6
Rest days: 1
Miles: 55.4
Time: 8:39:09

I had a great long run on Thursday. I got in 15 miles with several members of my running club, including Cat (who did my LR with me the previous Thursday). We ran the entire second half at a faster pace than we did our fastest mile last week! In all our pace was about 30 seconds per mile faster and my HR was lower! I attribute most of this to starting out more conservatively and picking the pace up versus speeding out and slowing at the end. Also, it helps to run with a group.

Saturday's club run went well too. Tom and I clocked a 6:55 last mile. That's the first time I've run that quick since I started HR training. Granted I should have been holding back more, I didn't mind letting my HR go up a little since I had a few easy miles before the club run and a few easy ones ahead of me to get home after the run.

My pace for the week was slightly slower than week one (9:23 vs 9:18). Though this is probably because week one included the initial test. I'm hoping this all pays off. It is taking a little getting use to running one minute plus slower than my average pace for the year. I'm hoping to hit 60+ miles this week. We'll see if that works out.

Santa was nice enough to bring me some new running gear: Asics jacket, a pair of Brooks PureConnect, Brooks nightlife vest, socks and a few running shirts. That makes me one happy runner :)

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