31 December 2011

Week Three

This week was kind of a down week for me. I had some great runs with my club but my solo efforts were less then stellar. Not that I'm aiming for stellar paces but my paces were not near what I hoped they would be at this point. A good friend of mine who is also going through this heart rate training reminded me that patience is key. In time, this will pay off and I will see improvements. And I still have some speed in these legs. After my one hour run yesterday I ran a one mile time trial. Somehow I pulled a 5:20. I think the track I was on is a little short but it still translates to about a 5:45. Anyhow, I'll leave you with the weeks stats. Later I'll do a December/2011 recap post. ~Weekly Stats~ Runs: 7 Rest days: 0 Distance: 62 (currently at 58 and planning on 4 tomorrow morning) Time: 9:11:23 (plus tomorrow's run)

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