27 April 2009

A New Beginning....Sort of

So, today marks the beginning of my tenth week of training for the Seattle Rock-n-Roll Marathon. Up to this point, I had been using Higdon's novice training plan. Lately, I felt I haven't been running enough. After some discussion on the Runner's World forums, I decided to step it up and use Higdon's intermediate plan for the remainder of my training. Then today marks the beginning of my new training plan.

Last week was a good running week. Tuesday I managed 4 miles at 7:30 pace. Wednesday I was going to run 7 miles but had to cut it short at 4.3 due to shin splints. Thursday was the Kim Williams 5K here in Missoula. I wanted to run between 7:00 and 7:20 pace. I went out a little quick, probably around 6:50, and ended up finishing in 22:13, which is about 7:09 pace. I was happy with my time. I never thought I'd say that about running 22:13. In high school I ran 19's and even dipped in the 18's during my freshman year of college. But, I didn't run for nearly a year for medical reasons so I'll take it. Tomorrow is another 4 miler.

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