28 April 2009

The Difference Time Makes

Today's run went well. The weather was not good. Its almost May and it was snowing. That's what I get for going to school in Montana. Since it was snowing, I decided to run at the gym on the trusty old treadmill. I managed to complete a 4 mile build up. The first mile was somewhere in the 7:40's and the last mile was about 7:05. Overall, my time was 29:41, about 7:25 mile pace.

This made me think of my first half marathon back in 2005. I ran it in 7:26 pace. I had to really push today to make 4 miles at that pace. Granted, I was running a build up not a smooth 7:25 pace, but still. It makes me realize how much that year off from running hurt my overall fitness. I still feel like I am in the best shape I've been in since that race. I think I'm going to shoot for 3:49 for the race in June.

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