26 July 2011

Getting Stronger

This month has been busy! Searching for a job is itself a full time job. Between that, wedding planning and running...I'm very tired.

The job search is slow. Lots of applying, lots of not hearing back from anyone.

Wedding planning is almost finished. The Kid and I have the major parts planned. We will mail out invitations soon and today we started registering!

Running is going awesome! I've been waking up earlier than I did when I was in school but whatevs. I found a nice base building plan that I am going to follow. I really think that lots of slow, easy miles in my legs will help in the long run.

My streak is still going (44 days/226.6 miles). Running seven days a week makes you rethink training. My recovery days are super slow. I usually have one recovery day and one fast day each week. Today was the fast day. I have been running with my old hs xc team to help them get ready for the upcoming season. Today was 4 x .9 mile repeats. We wanted to do mile repeats but the lake we ran around isn't exactly a mile. Surprisingly, I could hang with these guys. I finished 2nd for all but the first repeat and got faster each time. I started @ 5:42 (6:2x mile pace) and finished @5:14 (5:49 mile pace)! I was surprised by the speed my legs had.

The team's last summer practice is Thursday. Since the season starts at the end of August, coaches are not allowed to coach that month. So no official practices. I'm going to try and get some of the varsity guys/gals and veterans on the team to come out for a long run on Saturdays.

I'm also reading Born to Run. Great book. For those who haven't read it, I highly recommend it.

~Run Strong

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