15 August 2011

Running in Circles

Not literally. I haven't ran on a track in months. I did do some laps around a local lake this morning though. I feel like my life is a circle right now. Wake up, run, job hunt, wedding planning, sleep, repeat. That's how life has been lately. I'd prefer if the "job hunt" was just "go to work" but such is life. The "wedding planning" will become "spend time with the wife" in 61 days! :) I can't wait.

Running has been going well. The streak is still in tact, somewhere around 65 days I think. Anyways, since its been August for a few weeks I should probably throw up my July stats.

Distance: 178.9 miles
Time: 24:11:48
Pace: 8:07

(Sidenote: That was my first month with zero rest days) I am very happy with those stats. My mileage is getting back to normal levels. I decided that during this base building phase, I want to keep most of my runs >8:00/mi with one or two days faster. I've held pretty good to that, except for this week.

My folks were nice enough to get me a pair of Saucony Hattori's since runningwarehouse had a great deal on them. I did a nice 8 mile progression run on Friday. Then Saturday, I took the Hattori's for a 4 miler. Ended up running 6:54 pace. Had a nice easy 10 miler yesterday. Today, I took the Hattori's out again. I tried to hold back but still ran 7:28's. They are definitely going to take some getting use to. The zero-drop really makes my calves work more.

Okay, I took a break from the job hunt to write this. Time to get back to work...sort of...

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