01 July 2011

June Totals: Low Mileage

Distance: 105.6 miles
Time: 14:05:59
Pace: 8:01

This was my shortest month of running (distance wise) since May of last year. I'm just glad I made it over the 100 mile mark. Its nice to keep that streak going. Speaking of streaks, I'm on a running streak. It didn't happen on purpose. It just happened. My little brother has started working out regularly and always starts with a 1-1.5 mile run. I've always wanted to be able to run with somebody in my family so I couldn't pass it up. As of now (that is, counting today) the streak is at 19 days.

The job search is going super slow. I'm hoping that something will pan out soon.

Wedding planning is great! In the last week we've picked out a dj and most likely the bakery for our cake. Those were the last two major things we had to do!

I'm really hoping that my mileage will be back around 170 this month. After I do some yard work this morning, I'll knock 5-6 of those miles out.

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