19 November 2010

Race Much?

Today I realized that about half of my races this year are in the next month. Kinda crazy but here's the schedule/goals:
12.4.10-Dailies Virtual Half Marathon (sub 1:35)
12.5.10-Jingle Bell 5k (sub 19:07, my season best)
12.18.10 Christmas Classic 10k (sub-40 and the W)

I managed to put in a little over 30 miles last week. It feels good to be building my base back up. I'm definitely taking lots of rest days around my races so I can recover. I probably shouldn't be racing so much during this base building period but its ok. After the 10k, I don't have a race until March. I think my goal is to stay un-injured and get my mpw up to 40 by the end of December.

Today's run was a great one. I ran with a friend from my running club. We did a solid 8 miles (well, 8.1) with a decent size negative split, 32-flat for the first 4 miles and 30:49 for the last 4.1. My left gastrocnemius felt a little tight during/after. Definitely gonna be doing some RICE today and taking it easy tomorrow and Sunday.

I didn't even realize it until after the run but it put me at exactly 1600 miles for the year! Not too shabby since last year I didn't even crack 900. Yay for improvement!

I have been insanely busy with course work lately. As long as I can finish my takehome exam today I should be able to catch up and actually get some work done on my thesis.

This weekend/early next week is going to be amazing! My fiancee is coming to town for a few days before we head back to our hometown for T-day! Hope you all have a good weekend. I know I will!

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  1. this fall has been the same way. i raced 7 races in 2010 and 4 of them were in the last quarter. oops? hahah

    congrats on the 1600 mile mark. that's an awesome increase!