10 November 2010

Grad School Overload

Just a quick post today. I am currently behind several sections of homework in Algebra, have 2 Differential Equations assignments due in a week and a takehome exam for Algebra. SO I really should be working instead of blogging. But this gives me a nice little break :)

I had a decent run today. After work I went to the gym and cranked out 6mi @7:50 pace. Then I hit the track for some strides. Since our indoor track is far from standard (we have 11 laps to the mile v. 8 on a standard indoor track) I did 8x70m.

When I run on the TM, I always wear my ipod. Thought I'd share on of my favorite playlists. Well, a subset of it anyway. Its great for short fast runs or longer tempo's or if you just need to feel bamf while running:

Remember the Name- Fort Minor
Got Money- Lil Wayne
Swagga Like Us- Jay-Z,Kanye West, Lil Wayne, T.I.
Make it Rain- Fat Joe
Till I Collapse- Eminem
Drop the World- Lil Wayne & Eminem
No Love- Lil Wayne & Eminem
Conteo- Don Omar
Don't Wanna Be Player- Big Pun
Head Sprung- LL Cool J

Thankfully, I have no class or work for the next four days! That means I should catch up in my classes and get some great runs in. Looking forward to actually running with someone tomorrow. I'm meeting up with another member of my club for a run.

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  1. woooooooot for no class or work! great choices for bamf songs. definitely lots of them on my "playlists" (quotes because they usually just get stuck in my head!)