01 December 2010

Its December?

What the hell? November went by crazy fast. It was one busy month. Lots of school work and family stuff/holidays and wedding planning. Oh, and this whole running business. That is why this blog is here.

School is almost finished...for the quarter. Can't wait. Holidays are half over and I'll be in my hometown for the second half so that will make things easier. Wedding planning is stressful but fun. The day after Thanksgiving, the Kid and I (yes, I call my fiancee Kid. Not sure when I started doing that. I know I picked it up from my grandpa since he use to call my grandma Kid) went to the caterer to try some appetizers and pick out place settings and such. Right now I'm compiling a massive list of addresses so we can mail out save-the-date cards. So far, we're up to 7 states and 2 countries!

I feel good and bad about my running in November. On the plus side, my easy pace has sped up a lot. Well, my prescribed "easy" pace hasn't changed but it feels easier to run faster. Does that make sense?
The part I feel bad about it my mileage, a sad 110 miles. I'll chalk it up to getting back from the marathon. Now that I've got about 4 weeks of 30ish mpw, I'm definitely gonna kick it up to 40mpw. My goal is to get up to 50mpw with a 15 mile LR by mid January. That should set me up nicely for Boston training!

Speaking of Boston training, for those who have ran it, what advice can you give me about hill training? I assume repeats once or twice a week plus having hills in my LR should be good.

Today's run was great! I did 6 miles with the last 3 @ 7:12, 7:02 and 6:36!  I plan on 7 or 8 miler in the morning, then taking an SRD Friday since this weekend is my first double-race. I've got a HM on Saturday and a 5k on Sunday with my club. Oh, and then I'll have two weeks before my debut 10K. I'll probably post more about that sometime this week.

Thats all for now friends. I've got to go do some homework thats due tomorrow.

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  1. re: hills, i'd say once a week is fine. i did them once a week tacked onto the end of my interval work and i felt prepared during the race. i wish i had had hills for my LRs though. sounds like you have a good area for that. jealous!