06 April 2014

Week 13: Recovery

Well, this week was tough. Not physically...well, a little physically. But not from running, just lots of work hours. In my post about last week, I said I wanted to crack the 90 mile mark this week and run more easy miles. After attempting to wake up early and run on Monday and Tuesday only to have the snooze button win, I decided my body was telling me something. I needed a recovery week.

For me, a true recovery week means little to no running. I put in a total of 17 miles, all of which came while I was coaching Wednesday night and Saturday morning. I refueled, slept a lot and tried to get into a new routine; a new quarter started so I'm teaching until 10pm two nights a week. As such, the recovery week couldn't have come at a better time.

I feel pretty refreshed, though still a little tired. I'm definitely excited to hit it next week starting with my run tomorrow morning.

Wednesday: 7 miles (7:40)
Saturday: 10 miles (8:29)

Total: 17 miles (8:09)

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