29 May 2011

Forest Park 20k

Distance: 20k
Time: 1:42:xx
Place: 11th OA, 4th AG

The weather for the race was perfect! Cloudy and 50* at the start. I felt pretty good going into the race. I've definitely fully recovered from Boston and have had some really great runs. Wednesday, my friend Aaron and I ran the course, so we wouldn't get lost today. We ran it in 1:40:55. That right, I ran slower today.

I actually lead the race for a few hundred meters when the gun went off. I knew that wouldn't last long so I enjoyed it while it did. I was still in the top 6 for the first few miles. Then the gnarly uphill section started. I knew it was coming from Wednesday but still wasn't ready for it. I even walked for a few seconds. I felt strong the first half of the race, minues twisting each ankle once.

Based on where we actually turned around (out & back course) and where my garmin turned us around earlier this week, I think the race was a bit long. I know the garmin isn't the most accurate, especially in the woods. But we ran a good third of a mile further down the trail. Its not that big a deal though.

I picked it up on the way back, since it was downhill. In a few spots this was a mistake. I twisted my right ankle two more times. I still managed to keep my position (was passed once and passed one runner myeslf). That third and final twist almost did me in. I had to stop and sit for a second. I only had about two miles to go and I've never DNF'd a race. I wasn't about to start today.

The course was not closed. So there were still regular runners and the occasional hiking family. Passing them was my favorite part. Per my last post, I wore my cookie monster t-shirt. Seeing kids' face light up when they see cookie monster running down the trail was awesome!

While I didn't do as well as I would have hoped, I still had a great experience with my first trail race. Now I'm off to ice my ankle somemore. I should probably take a few days off of running too...

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  1. Please rest and take care of yourself. Proud of you!