16 May 2011


You know school/life is keeping you busy when you haven't written a new post in a month!

The last month has been crazy busy and it won't stop for the foreseeable future. The Kid had some informational meetings at Nike. We got to see the whole campus AND got passes to the employee store from a friend who already works there (can you say new lime-green Lunaracers?). While she was in her meetings, I got to run around the campus. They have a 2-mile woodchip trail around campus. It was really nice to run on that surface, especially knowing that many elite runners have. A week after that, she graduated with her MS! We had a lot of fun eating out with her folks and going rafting to celebrate. This coming weekend, we'll be traveling to St Louis to visit her family. Two weeks after that I will graduate with my MS. Not to mention all the homework I still need to do.

Despite all that, I've still (and always will) found the time to run. Running has been going well. This past week I put in 38.5 miles including an 11 miler @ 7:15 pace. Definitely recovered from Boston! As I am getting ready for some major life changes (graduation, finding a job/possibly moving, getting married in October) I have no races on the calendar after May. Since I do not know where I'll be living, I don't want to sign up for races I may not be able to run. That's not to say I won't race. If I hear of a 5k or 10k, maybe even a half marathon with a fairly cheap entry fee, I'll probably run it.

My next race, the last one on my calendar, is a 20k trail race. Looking at past years results, if I'm feeling really good and get a little more speed back, I've got a shot at the podium! I'm not counting on anything yet, but if I'm feeling a little better I'll go for it.

As far as training volume goes, I think I'll hold between 40 and 45 mpw. That still gives me the time I need for homework and looking for a job.

On a sad note: The running world lost one of its most promising stars, Sammy Wanjiru. He tragically died at the young age of 24. He won 5 of 6 marathons he entered (Chicago(2x), London, Beijing Olympics, Fukuoka), including a course record at Chicago, a PB of 2:05:10 and a PW of 2:06:xx. On top of that, he is a former (2x) world record holder at the half marathon distance, setting his first wr at the age of 18. All that before turning 24. We can only imagine what he might have been able to accomplish.
RIP Sammy.

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