22 October 2010

Track Day Friday

Distance: 4.85 miles
Time: 34:53
Pace: 7:12

It looks like Friday's are going to be track days until I start training for Boston. My club usually does speed work on Thursday's but I am in class then. Luckily, a couple other club members can't make it then. So we decided to meet Friday mornings.

Today's workout was 4x800m followed by 3x200m. Nothing too strenuous but not easy. I think the club was doing the 800's close to mile pace. Less than two weeks after Portland, I knew I didn't have that pace in my legs. So I opted to run at 5k pace. Well, what I hope is my 5k pace. The idea was to hit 3:00. Other than the first interval, we did pretty good (I ran with another member who is new to running but has A LOT of potential). Splits were 2:44, 2:56, 2:55, 2:55. The 200's hurt a little more with :35, :37, :35.

This weekend looks like a busy one. I need to catch up in my classes, though that shouldn't be too bad. It is also the last weekend I have to study for my comprehensive exam. I received a conditional pass, which means I have to take an extra oral exam with the committee to pass. That is scheduled for next Friday. On the running front, I'll be doing an easy group run tomorrow morning and then competing in the Run Like Hell 5k.

Thats all for now folks!

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  1. wow. those are fast splits! here i am thinking i did a good job on my 800s today and then you beast yours. hahahah. great job man! and good luck in the 5k tmrw!