24 October 2010

Run Like Hell

Unofficial time: 19:09

The course was slightly more hilly than I expected. Still, the race went very well. It dumped rain during the 10k (started 40 min before the 5k) and cleared to mostly blue skies for the 5k. I exceeded my goal for the race, which was sub-20. That was also my last time goal for the year. That means I was 3 for 3, yay!

I started near the front of the race, picked it up a little around the half mile mark. I drafted off a couple of guys until I could see the first mile marker. Then I saw they weren't going to hit the right split and went around them. Mile 2 had some hills I was not expecting. Nothing big. There was one longish shallow hill and a shot (50m) steep hill. Then it was all downhill to the finish. I was passed by a guy dressed as elmo at the top of the short hill. I passed him on the long downhill and beat him by a few seconds.

This was my first race with my club. Everyone posted some great times. I was our top 5k runner with Corey and Aaron (who ran his first 5k today) close behind. I'm not sure exactly what time they ran but both were under 20. Lots of others posted PR's. I believe we had 3 people competing in their first race. In all it was a great morning!

RE-EDIT: Official results are up. I placed 12th of 954 runners overall, 3rd in my age group and actually had a time of 19:07.


  1. wowza. major congrats are in order man! that's fast. clearly you were training right for that marathon as you're in GREAT shape :)

    and major congrats on being 3/3 on goals :)

  2. You should check out the Spartan Race http://www.spartanrace.com