06 April 2015

Back to Work

Today is my third week of training with Perkins Coaching. Definitely feels good to be back on a program and hitting the track. Summary of the first two weeks below.

Week 1:
March 22-March 28
Total Miles: 38.1
XT: 45 minutes
Workout: 4 mile fartlek run (avg pace 6:22)

Week 2:
March 29-April 4
Total Miles: 41
XT: 30 minutes
Workout: 2x2 mile, 4x150. Splits-12:26, 12:13, 26, 28, 23, 22

Life, as usual, is busy. We're getting into the busy season at the store and starting a new quarter teaching. Here's to hoping I can keep up with training.

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