05 October 2011

September Recap

Ok, so I didn't post the recap the next day. Four days late isn't too bad. And its been a busy four days. More on that later.

In case you missed the stats...
Month: September
Distance: 226.8 miles
Time: 31:07:49
Pace: 8:15

I had a great month of running in September. I only had one run that I "missed". I say "missed" because I'm not training for anything. So, even though I am following a plan for this base building cycle its not the end of the world if I don't hit the described workout. The run I "missed" was a long run two and a half weeks ago. It should have been a 15 miler. Instead it was a rain soaked 10 miler. My last two long runs have been awesome. A week and a half ago I had a 4 minute negative split, running 16 miles @8:1x pace. This past Sunday, I ran another negative split (I think 2 minutes) running 16 miles @7:58 pace.

The streak is still going on. Though it will probably be over in 11 days.

Now that I've got two consecutive months of 200+ miles, I'm thinking its time to pick the pace up a little bit. Nothing too drastic, just one fast workout a week to stay sharp. Yesterday was that day for this week. I did a 5 mile progression run starting at 8:34 pace and finishing at 6:02 pace.

Back to the last four days. The wedding is only 10 days away (Yay!!!) so the Kid and I are super busy with all the last minute details. Its looking like the next few days will be equally busy and then we'll have a little bit of down time early next week.

Ok, time to go finish the laundry and get ready for a nice 12 miler.

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