30 September 2010

Making Decisions

Wow, time has gone by since I last posted. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I'm back in rip city. Classes and work are in full swing. And my thesis. Though that is going really well. I've been in touch with a prof at another college who has done some work in the specific area of my field, i.e. wrote a text I'm using as a source. I met with my advisor on Tuesday and she was very happy/pleased with my progress :) Hopefully I'll actually start writing this thing soon. The goal is to be done with the paper by the end of the quarter and present/defend next quarter.

Running has been good. I'm in full taper mode and its starting to get to me. Only running 4 days this week...I may add a short short run tomorrow, like maybe 3 miles. Something long enough to keep me sane and short enough to keep me rested. I've been giving a my goals for the marathon (next weekend!) a lot of thought. Given my training level, fitness level and new found (? maybe I've had it all along. lets call it new realized) speed I'm headed for a HUGE pr. My only other marathon was a 3:54 over a year ago. Since then, I've dramatically changed my training and dropped 9:22 from my half marathon pr. I am definitely shooting for 3:15. I'm also playing around with the idea of trying to qualify for Boston. Since I started running half marathons in 2005, Boston was always a goal. I didn't tell many people that until last year though. It might be a day of race decision. If I go for it, I plan on running with a pace group. I have a feeling that talking with them at the expo next Friday will help in my decision.

If you told me in January that I would possibly attempt to qualify for Boston before the year was out, I would have laughed. Then, I would have had to run a pr half and keep it up for another 13.1 to qualify! I've never really been a great runner. My running career started when I was 13 and went out for track. I was a hurdler my first year. Then I switched to middle distance and distance. Eventually I joined the cross country team. By great runner, I mean fast runner. Sure, I showed up to practice and ran my best at meets, but it was never fast. At best I was our number four miler, going under 5 minutes once. Although, that was after h.s.  I never qualified for an invitational or the post season. Having a chance at Boston is like a dream for me. Qualifying would mean I'm a great runner. Well, I guess I can be great without that but it would make me feel a whole lot better about my running career.

For now its off to a long day of work and class. See you on the streets runners!

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